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10-20 45th Road
Queens, NY, 11101
United States


Inna B Projects was started by a sculptor immersed in the contemporary artworld. Based in New York City, Inna B offers a sophisticated alternative to women's fashion accessories.

About the collection


This collection of accessories and printed designs were created by Inna Babaeva, a visual rtist living in New York City.

Her personal style gravitates towards untraditional material like plexiglas, wood, brightly colored leathers, felt and natural sea stones. She has been making bracelets, necklaces and printed fabric pieces for herself, believing that accessories reflect, and inspire a person's state of mind.

As the designs got recognition in her artistic circles, Inna began making items for her friends and colleagues. When demand increased, Inna B Projects store was born.

The Inna B wearable collection is about community.  Her fans often bond while seeing each otherwearingand comparing their unique arrangements. This joy of bonding is a rewarding part of the Inna B experience.

The collection is updated according a season or prevailing mood, and you can expect the colors, textures and construction to evolve over time. Items are made by hand in New York City.

Inna Babaeva’s sculptural work can be seen at


Unique Designs

Stemming from sculptural works and her work in photography, Inna has captured the essence of natural elements in high resolution photographic prints. 


Limited Edition

Bespoke fashion, currently made to order, currently only available online through this website. 

Handmade in New York City

Inna works closely with skilled professionals in the fashion industry, all based in NYC.